Neffwear | Kevin Durant Partners with Neff

Sep 25 Posted by Neff

Kevin Durant and Shaun Neff introduce an undwear collection engineered for optimal comfort to support you through the extremes of your active lifestyle. Together, an ergonomic front pouch and mid-thigh inseam create the most exceptional underwear on the market today.  Stay tuned for more information on Neffwear. See the whole collection here.





Sep 21 Posted by Neff

This past season of snowboarding was dominated by #TheLagoEdits.  Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, Ben Ferguson, and Mikkel Bang have been filming for the 2015-16 season and we aren't dissapointed - in fact we're FROTHING to see the rest of what they've got up their sleeves.

Good laughs and better riding. Check out the edit. 


8 Year Old Neff Ninja Going Huge

Sep 14 Posted by Neff

It's not every day you see an 8 year old boosting like this. We're still scratching our heads on this one.  Luke Kahler has got more cajones than eight grown men!

Fat & Furious

Aug 28 Posted by Neff


For Part 9 of Fat & Furious, we caught up with Abbe & Theo Hjellstrom, creators and stars of of web series showcasing Swedish snowboarding. Stay tuned for an all new season right here on

What’s the story behind your project, and why ”Fat & Furious”?

It all started two years ago, when we borrowed our mothers camera. We knew that we wanted to make our own project, so that we could make everything exactly as we wanted it to be.So we started doing park videos. The first two parts wasn’t that planned at all, or specially dedicated. Then we made part 3 from Kläppen Snowpark, which we thought got a little bit better than the earlier parts. Then we suddenly realized that we could do everything so much more interesting, only if were ready to put down some more energy on it.

The name ”Fat & Furious”, is just some random name we came up with while watching a Fast & Furious movie on the TV, some years ago. We thought it sound fun, so we decided to rock it.

Why park edits?

The year before we started ”Fat & Furious”, we made a full movie with some friends and filmed a lot of street, which was fun. But we realized...continue reading at Transworld Snowboarding.


Tim Humprheys

Aug 10 Posted by Neff

If there was ever an edit that encompassed the slogan Forever Fun, this is it!  Tim Humphreys gives us a look into what he's been up to this summer.

Kazu Killin It In Stonp or Die

Aug 5 Posted by Neff

Kazu sends it out the wazu while featured in Stonp or Die that goes live this fall. The season is slowly approaching and nothing will get you more amped than watching Neff Team Rider Kazu Kokubo. Pow, rails, airs, and so much gnarly riding all in one trailer- check it out and spread the word! We're already frothing for this El Niño winter!

Neff X Windells Takeover

Aug 4 Posted by Neff

Every summer Neff rallies up a few of the snow crew and heads up to Mt Hood and Windells Summer Camp for the annual Neff Team Takeover Week. This year the crew was made up of Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson and joining them with support from Mike Skiba and Kyle Kennedy.

Mt Hood this year was like nothing the crew had seen before. With the lack of snow over the winter the Windells Diggers were faced with a  huge challenge over the summer and really came through with a fun flowy park for the Neff Session. Back at camp Neff came through again with the biggest Ice Cream party of the summer. Campers loaded up on Ice Cream served by Lago, Tim and Dylan and had a buffet of toppings to satisfy any campers sugar crave. Check out the FUN in the latest summer edit…

Jordy Smith Throwback

Jul 28 Posted by Neff

Neff team rider, Jordy Smith, has been out of the game for a while since he tore his meniscus. Now that he's lying low and recovering, we've been feening for some footage of Jordy shredding. Here's some unused footage of Jordy knifing and gauging around Africa two years ago. 

Get better soon Jordy!!!