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Neff is proud to present our first ever snow movie, PLAY. 

Play features riding from Neff athletes: Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson, Greg Bretz, Halldor Helgason, Ethan Morgan and more. The crew had a successful winter around Lake Tahoe, Southwest Colorado along with some of the crew holding it down over in Europe. Wojtek Targosz captured some of the best shots from the winter and compiled into this short film.

"My favorite part about snowboarding is going where i haven't been before. The curiosity of what lies behind that next ridgeline. I've been to Colorado a lot in the past, but this was my first time going to the Silverton area. I couldn't have been with a better crew, Aaron Dodds, Cope, Wojtek, Lago, and Greg Bretz. How often do you and your friends get to snowmobile out to a backcountry cabin and ride powder all day?" - Tim Humphreys