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    Beach Cruising with Nick Merlino

    Apr 1 Posted by Neff

    Nothing's more enjoyable than the sun shining, birds chirping, and ridiculous shredding on the California coast. Just ask Neff Skate Team rider Nick Merlino. Though he's a New Jersey native, we're sure he'll agree they don't make shred days like this in too many other places. Watch Nick rip the beach in this sick edit. Enjoy!

    Click here to watch Derrick Wilson shred the LBC.

    Derrick Wilson in the LBC

    Mar 26 Posted by Neff

    Neff Skate Team Rider Derrick Wilson recently took us on a quick hometown run through the LBC. The Long Beach native basically turned the waterfront into his own private skate park. The shredding in this edit is only rivaled by the beautiful California day. Watch this sick edit of Derrick doing his thing in the 'Beach.

    Click here to watch Derrick and the rest of the Skate Team hit the Northwest.

    Neffarious in the Northwest

    Feb 18 Posted by Neff

    "The Neff team loaded up the van and headed out for their first adventure in the great Northwest. With Hambone navigating us from the shotgun position we drove up the coast and didn't stop until we arrived at Silas' house. Since Hambone had lost his spot book of the city we linked up with local legends Mike Davis and Willis Kimbel and it was nothing but good vibes, great spots, and surprisingly amazing weather in Portland. The Neff team also hit up Windell's to see if it really was the funnest place on Earth, turns out all rumors are true! Epic times up in the Northwest with the Neff team." -Joe Hammeke for

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